Holy Cross Giving

How Holy Cross supports our community:

Who:  Lutheran Family Services which relocates refugees who have had to flee their country of origin and are given refugee status by the U.S. State Department.
How:  Monthly collections of household items.

Who:  A public grade school in Albuquerque
How:  Back packs and school supplies in the Fall; Clothing, toys, food and other needs at Christmas; food cards for groceries and other things as needed throughout the year.

Who:  Lutheran World Relief
How:  Financial aid and mosquito netting for Malaria Project.

Who:  The Storehouse
How:  Weekly dry and canned food donations.  Quilts made by church members.

Who:  Members in need of comfort.
How:  “Prayer” quilts or shawls are given to members if they are facing a long recovery from a serious illness, or if they are in hospice care.

Who:  World Hunger
How:  Financial gifts donated by church members.

Who:  Crop Walk
How:  Fundraiser to support people at risk of hunger both here and abroad.

Who:  ELCA Good Gifts
How:  Purchase farm animals, school supplies, and various other items for families in developing countries.

Who:  Luther House Campus Ministry
How:  Support through donations.

We give not to earn salvation but because we are saved.  You are an example of God’s grace at work.   God bless you and please continue giving generously!

Pastor Julie