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The People’s Supper Potluck Meal with Pastor Rhonda and the Luther House UNM and CNM Community

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In times of heightened tension, division, and expressions of hate, faith and spiritual communities have a vital role to play in being stewards of resilience, collective courage, and creating braver space in the presence of difference. At the same time, faith communities – like any gathering of people – can also be places where we avoid hard conversations and discomfort, instead of leaning into vulnerability, risk, and the authentic relationships we need.

The People’s Supper is an adaptable resource that provides an opportunity for communities from all religious traditions to do what they do best: bring people together for fellowship, renewal, good food, and the chance to go beneath the surface to explore the struggles and stories that make up our lives.

Pastor Rhonda Newby-Torres at Luther House UNM and CNM noted in a recent letter about this community that Luther House participants are people who have been historically marginalized.

Join us on Wednesday, December 6th at 6 pm, bring something to share (homemade or store-bought is just fine), and be ready for faith sharing questions that explore differences and common ground around our Christian faith over a shared meal together.